There are countless characters in Boogiepop Phantom.
Here they all are(I think).

Abe, Atsuko

Description: I have not the faintest idea who this is. He was in the credits so I included him.

Anno, Shinjiro

School: Shinyo Academy
Description: This seems to be a friend common to Oikawa Sayoko and Tachibana. According to the liner notes Spooky Electric later assumes his form.

Arifuji, Misuzu

School: Hijiridani High School, Senior, Class 5
Description: Misuzu is a girl living in denial of her own pain. She is a believer in the teachings of an entity by the name of Panaru. She acquired her beliefs in Junior High when she was befriended by Toyama Megumi. Megumi, to help Misuzu reach an understanding with the world had begun to bestow upon her the teachings of Panaru. After their first discussion the two were to meet in Kitaguchi park after school. Arriving at the designated time and place, Misuzu found Megumi had been brutally slain by the serial killer. Instead of going through the pain and guilt that follows an event of that kind, she took up the one teaching of Panaru that she understood. To love and accept the world despite all the vileness in it. Using this mental sleight of hand Misuzu shielded herself from the pain of her friend's death. The viewer is shown nothing more of Misuzu's life until her senior year at Hijiridani. Those students that know her, seem to respect her for the serenity that she possesses. One of her acquaintances is Sasaoka Yoko, a habitual cheater and Hisashi Jonouchi's first victim. One month after the pillar of light Misuzu unintentionally draws the bodiless Manticore to her. It beguiles her with its understanding of the teachings of Panaru. It offers to help her in bestowing the serenity of Panaru's world love on others. Their first convert is to be Sasaoka Yoko. Instead of helping her come to an understanding with the world, the Manticore devours her soul. Misuzu though is oblivious to what has occurred and still believes that the Manticore wishes to aid her. After a chance meeting with Nagi in Kitaguchi Park the Manticore chooses her as their next target for education. Misuzu calls Nagi, dropping the name Saotome as bait. Correctly believing Misuzu to be in mortal danger Nagi rushes to her aid. Boogiepop Phantom intercedes before Nagi's arrival. Approaching Misuzu it informs her that she is aiding evil and that her beliefs are not those of Panaru. That following Megumi's death she had not accepted any of the pain that comes with life. Misuzu initially denies this but is finally forced to face facts. She requests that Phantom take her but is rebuffed when Phantom tells her she is not worth the effort. Nearly flattened by pain, Misuzu staggers off looking for some sort of comfort. She spots what appears to be Detective Morita, she approaches him hoping for some kind of assistance. Horribly the creature Snake Eye has assumed Morita's form and eviscerates her for who knows what reason. Nagi arrives moments later but finds only a bloody mess.


Description: Boogiepop first emerged while Toka was at the Prefectural Hospital being treated for a multiple personality disorder. While walking the hospital grounds one evening a bloodied Kuroda Shinpei collapses at her feet, following his encounter with the composite human Mo Murder. When Kuroda dies before her Toka experiences some sort of mental trauma that gives rise to Boogiepop. I am not sure as to how, but the entity Panaru is involved in Boogiepop's creation as well. Nagi Kirima and Boogiepop also seem to form some sort of working relationship at this time. The two of them seem to have searched for and eventually killed Fear Ghoul together. As in so many of these Bio's there is a five year gap in the timeline. Prior to the Pillar of light a battered Echos arrives in the city. The entity having trailed the Manticore for a long while seems prepared to give up. Boogiepop approaches it, telling Echos that coming so far it should not despair. Again I am not sure as to why but Boogiepop does not seem to take direct action during those events leading up to the Pillar of Light. During the Pillar of light incident Boogiepop is at least partially responsible for destroying the Manticore's physical form(Boogiepop credits Nagi). Following the Pillar of Light Boogiepop appears in very few instances. It stops the Manticore from devouring Moto. It's next appearance is not until its confrontation with Boogiepop Phantom with regards to Manaka. While Toka is in Tokyo for her college entrance exams it emerges and deals with Kishida Ichiro and the fragment of the Manticore that he contained. In the final episode it leaves a Theremin at one of the tunnels left over from the Geo City project. On occasion Toka will speak with a seriousness that is not normal to her, generally this due to her Boogiepop persona surfacing for whatever reason.

Boogiepop Phantom

Description: It is a flawed copy of the original Boogiepop created by the Manticore in response to the pain that it felt as it lost its physical form. Phantom's appearance is that of Yurihara Minako. Phantom seems to have two motivations driving its existence. First to store away all of the children that have experienced accelerated evolution. They and the world can not yet deal with their powers effectively. Secondly to protect the people of the city from the recent strange happenings. It is an electromagnetic entity created and living in the EM field created during the Pillar of Light incident. When the field surrounding the city dissipates it ceases to exist. Phantom seems to store those that it takes in cocoons in the abandoned Geo City project tunnels.


Description: This bodyless creature is supposedly the final stage of human evolution. It was either born in a Towa lab or captured. It sees the past present and future all at once. To contain this power Towa imprisons it in Kuroda's body. Towa also restrictes its ability to speak. Allowing it only the ability to parrot others. When the Manticore, a copy of Echos escapes, Echos gives chase. Echos follows the Manticore to the city, where I believe that it meets both Boogiepop and Nagi. Somehow all parties involved: Boogiepop; Nagi; the Manticore; Echos; and Saotome end up on the roof of Shinyo Academy. Not sure why but Echos chooses this time to throw off his mortal form and become light. When he does so he destroys the Manticore's physical form as well. Instead of transcending Echos chooses to take up residence in the newly deceased Manaka(This is conjecture, he may have just reanimated her).

Fear Ghoul

Work: Serial Killer
Description: This is Dr. Kisugi after Kuroda left the Drug at the hospital. This creature feasts on the fear that a person feels as it dies. Apparently those that are strong of will taste better than weaker individuals as they die. This being so Fear Ghoul only kills the strong. Responsibility for the string of murders that occurred five years before the pillar of light rests with this monster. It list of victims include Mrs. Jonouchi, Wakasa Shizue, Toyama Megumi(panaru), and others not named. Prior to its death it had been stalking Suema Kazuko. Strangely it did not kill Dr. Kisugi's friend Kisiragi Mayumi, arguably one of the strongest characters in the show (Due to Manaka?). As well as the whole death and dismemberment bit, Fear Ghoul in its capacity as Dr. Kisugi seems to have administered the Drug to a whole series of children who passed through her office as well as unborn Manaka. This is possibly the reason for the changes that occurred in many of the children. It died at the hands of Kirima Nagi and Boogiepop.

Jonouchi, Hisashi

School: Hijiridani High School, Senior
Description: Hisashi wants nothing more than to help others, preferably with physical strength. While in elementary school he was a hero to his classmates because he defended them from the bullying of other students. A malignant bone tumor in his right arm shattered this dream just as he was about to start attending Junior High. Feeling alienated from his fellow students due to his infirmity Hisashi became a loner. When his recovery is nearing completion he complains to an unsympathetic Dr. Kisugi that his dream of being a hero have been destroyed. After mocking him she offers to give him a strange medicine to make him stronger (The Drug). The drug does not initially affect Hisashi. Five years later though the pillar of light acts as a catalyst of sorts and he is changed. After his transformation he can see people's regret, guilt, and remorse which are manifested as large spiders on the affected individuals breast. By devouring the spiders he removes peoples' memories. If you don't remember a foul deed you have nothing to regret. Initially he does not completely understand what he is doing. With time though he becomes addicted and can not sate his hunger for the memories of others. In the end he is confronted by Phantom, who forces him to realize that he has betrayed his dream of being a hero. After this realization Jonouchi willingly goes with Boogiepop Phantom.

Jonouchi, Father

Description: This is Hisashi's father, he lost his wife to the serial killer and feels guilty that he was not able to protect her. Hisashi after gaining his power, tries to remove his father's guilt. Instead he erases all of Mr. Jonouchi's memories of his wife. There is some hope his memory will recover seeing as how Sasaoka's memories were beginning to return before her demise. At the end of the series he finds out what his son had done to him, courtesy of Manaka.

Jonouchi, Mother

Description: A victim of the brutal serial murderer. She was killed on her way to the hospital. Aside from the fact that she was respected as a strong individual there is nothing known about her.

Naoko, Kamikishiro

Description: This girl is not present in the series. I believe that she is a friend of Kirima Nagi. She died protecting Echos.

Kirima, Nagi

School: Shinyo Academy, Senior
Description: I consider Nagi to be something of a tragic character. Since her fathers death she has by choice been alone. While growing up she was diagnosed with some sort of incurable ailment that caused uncontrolled growth. While in the Hospital she met a Towa agent by the name of Kuroda. The two of them seem to have fallen in love. Kuroda as an agent for Towa understood why Nagi was in the hospital, also he knew that if Nagi ever came to the attention of Towa her life would be forfeit. In an effort to save her Kuroda stole the Drug from a Towa lab. Using it on her he halted the changes that she had been going though. For his treason though he died. I am not sure as to the time frame, but I believe that after Nagi left the hospital her father was killed by Towa because of his writings. Following her father's death she seems to have assumed Kuroda's mantle as a defender of justice. Using her father's writings Nagi begins by investigating the serial murders that had begun after her release from the hospital (I believe that this is when Suema and Nagi meet). Nagi and Boogiepop eventually kill Fear Ghoul and the murders cease. Some time early in high school Masami Saotome confesed his love for Nagi (I am inclined to think that this is important), he was rebufed. Aparently she was considered to be an eccentric, as most of her fellow students alternately fear or loath her. Nothing really odd happens to Nagi while in high school until her senior year. My thought is that she meets Echos before hearing of or encountering the Manticore. Aparently Echos explains what is happening and possibly asks for help. Somehow all of the involved parties end up on the roof of Shiyo Academy. Just prior to Echos' transcendence Saotome cuts Nagi's throat. To save her Echos apparently gives her some of his life force. Following the Pillar of Light Nagi believes that everything has been brought to a conclusion. Something or someone however tips her off about a resumption of the strange happenings. At about the same time Kishida appears and aproaches Nagi. Kishida, who is interested in the late Kirima Seiichi, follows Nagi as she hunts the Manticore. Only because of his resembelence to Kuroda does Nagi allow him to follow. Nagi and Kishida come to the conclusion that the city has been in the thrall of a multitude of illusions, seemingly brought on by the Pillar of Light. In an attempt to destroy these illusions Nagi plans to set off a series of EMP bombs beneath the city. Boogiepop Phantom to preserve its existence for a while longer prevents Nagi from carrying through. Nagi is one of the few people in this series who is decisive and confident. However she seems to be largely impotent. She is aware of what is occuring around her but for the most part she can change nothing.

Kirima, Seiichi

Work: Writer, Philosopher
Description: Seiichi was something of a philosopher. As a father to Nagi he was probably a bit distant. The Towa assasin Mo Murder is responsible for his death. Though it never explained as to why the Towa organization had him killed, his writings probably played a large role. Nagi may have witnessed his death.

Kisaragi, Manaka

Description: Mayumi gave birth to Manaka out of wedlock. When she was born Mayumi suffered some sort of brain damage, affecting her memory. Due to this fact she did not recall Manaka's birth. Mayumi chose to have a home birth and Miyo failed to report it. Due to this Manaka is listed in all records as stillborn. Miyo felt that Manaka's birth without a father was shameful. For this reason Manaka was never allowed to leave the house. When Manaka was around five years of age Miyo began to feel her health fade, in an act of what she considered mercy Miyo strangled Manaka. Leaving her for dead on the bathroom floor. Manaka's death happened to coincides with Echo's transcendence on the roof of Shinyo Academy. I am not sure as to why but Echos choose to reanimate Manaka. Miyo is of course quite taken aback by the fact that the granddaughter that she had just killed is up and walking around again. There do not seem to be any hard feelings between the two of them though. As a kind of proof of her existence Manaka has a picture of herself taken at Miyo's side. A week or two later Miyo dies in her sleep. With her grandmother dead Manaka no longer has anything preventing her from exploring the world. During the weeks following the pillar of light Manaka's body has changed and she seems to have aged approximately five years. When she goes out into the world she tries to soak up as many experiences as possible, not as a normal person would though. Instead she reads and experiences the memories of all those around her. Prior to her entry into the outside world Manaka could speak normally, however after experiencing someone's memory of Echos she begins to speak as he had, having only the ability to parrot what others are saying. To communicate with others she uses the memories that she accumulates through her day to day encounters. On three occasions she creates a Phantom: Ichiro, Kishida; Takai, Rie; and Poom Poom. Why Manaka chose to create Ichiro Kishida and a phantom Rie is never explained. Poom Poom however served two purposes. To act as a friend to a girl who had never had one, and also unintentionally to keep Manaka alive. Without the souls(I continue to use the word soul, it is never used in the series) that Poom Poom liberates from various high school students Manaka would have died very quickly. Boogiepop confronts Poom Poom and Manaka, forcing Poom Poom to depart. Without Poom Poom's support Manaka's physical appearance changes to that of an 80 year old crone. Boogiepop Phantom originally plans to kill Manaka but is stopped by the intervention of the original Boogiepop. In an event similar to the pillar of light Manaka transcends much as Echos had.

Kisaragi, Mayumi

Description: Mayumi is one of the few individuals in this anime with real strength of character. She is given very little back-story. She was in love with some nameless man who abandoned her when she got pregnant. Though she gave up on her boyfriend as a source of support she supposedly never lost her love of him. During her pregnancy she moved in with her mother for support and to avoid ridicule. I am not sure how supportive Miyo may have been. During her pregnancy she would visit her friend Dr. Kisugi on occasion. Dr. Kisugi had by this time become the monster Fear Ghoul. During one of her visits Makkiko offered Mayumi the Drug, saying that it would help with the pregnancy. This action is responsible for Manaka's transformation, and quite possibly Mayumi's brain damage. Manaka's birth took place in Miyo's home, no midwife or doctor was in attendance. After Manaka's birth Mayumi can remember nothing of the birth or anything that followed. Due to this Miyo has her placed in the care of the Prefectural Hospital. Mayumi, like Nagi, appears in various scenes helping to provide a sense of continuity to the series.

Kisaragi, Mayumi, boyfriend of

Description: Nothing is known about this person. His abandonment of Mayumi makes him worthy of note.

Kisaragi, Miyo

Description: This mean old biddy seems to hold with the old idea that a woman's honor is all she has. She could not see past the fact that Manaka was born out of wedlock. I believe however that Miyo did love her daughter and grandaughter.

Kishida, Ichiro

Work: Jornalist
Description: I am not sure who created Kishida, it was either Echos or Manaka. He is an incomplete copy of Kuroda Shinpei. Kishida does not recall being Kuroda, but does have a certain intuition when discussing various topics. When the Manticore is nearly destroyed by Boogiepop Phantom a fragment of it takes up residence in Kishida. Neither can survive outside the city's magnetic field, so they feed on the souls of various Tokyo office workers.

Kishita, Kyoko

Description: N/A

Kisugi, Makiko

Work: Doctor
Description: Dr. Kisugi is a bit of a tough one. She seems to have been a competent enough doctor, if a bit hard nosed. She was friends with Kisaragi Mayumi which is a point in her favor. I am guessing that she was a pediatrician as all of her patients were children. She treated Jonouchi Hisashi and Kirima Nagi. Makiko is also the doctor who diagnosed Miashita Toka, saying that she had a multiple personality disorder. At some point during Nagi's stay in the hospital Kuroda sneaks in and administers the Drug. In his hurry to escape he leaves it to be found by Dr. Kisugi. Not quite sure how it happens but following that event Dr. Kisugi becomes Fear Ghoul.


Description: N/A

Kojima, Akane

School: Shinyo Academy, Junior, Class C
Description: Akane desires to become a professional writer of children's picture books. Her test results and grades indicate that she may be better suited for the sciences. Deciding that she must grow up and mature Akane dismisses her wish to become a writer as impractical. In an effort to remove her desire to write, Akane burns all of her previous work. The protagonist in many of the stories that were destroyed is none other than Poom Poom. Akane grows morose following her decision to change ambitions. It is at this time that she begins to hear rumors of an individual who appears after sunset in Paisley Park. This person is said to give red balloons to special kids. Akane visits Paisley Park after sunset hoping to receive a balloon and maybe some sort of comfort. When she arrives at the park Poom Poom offers her a balloon. When Akane accepts it a phantom Akane is created. Poom Poom informs this newly created phantom that the real Akane had abandoned her. The real Akane is of course devastated, Poom Poom had given her no comfort and had wrenched from her that which she held most precious. The phantom Akane becomes Poom Poom's constant companion and is in fact responsible for naming it Poom Poom. Akane like many who accepted a balloon heeds Poom Poom's request that she bring more people to Paisley Park so that they may become friends. The individual that Akane chooses to bring is Toka. When the two of them near Paisley Park Toka's Boogiepop Persona takes over, and Toka just disappears. Entering Paisley Park alone Akane recognizes it as a construct built in the spirit of her stories. She wants nothing more than to join the phantom residents of the park. In her desperation to enter and join her care-free phantom self she is nearly killed, but is saved by Nagi. Akane is one of the few individuals who after accepting a red balloon did not commit suicide.

Kuroda, Shinpei

Work: Towa Agent
Description: Kuroda is extremely important to the plot-line. He is a composite human who worked for the Towa organization. It seems that he was doing recon for Towa. Finding the newly evolved and reporting them back so they could be eliminated. He was probably hanging around the prefectural hospital looking into any strange ailments that may have cropped up in the area. Nagi Kirima who was in the middle of some kind of transformation at the time came to his attention. While getting info about her the two seem to have fallen in love. During the one conversation between the two of them that the viewer is shown Kuroda seems rather disgusted with his job. Wishing instead that he could be a on the side of justice. It seems that to protect Nagi he stole the Drug from Towa. Using it on Nagi he stops her evolution, thus protecting her. Fleeing the hospital Kuroda leaves the Drug at Nagi's bedside. Towa has him killed for his treason. When he dies in the hospital's courtyard he does so at Toka's feet. The trauma caused by her exposure to death creates Boogiepop. Strangely Kuroda survives after a fashion, or more precisely his body does. The Towa organization uses his body as a vessel to contain Echos. Later Manaka creates a copy of Kuroda, which calls itself Ichiro Kishida. This copy has no recollections of being Kuroda, though he does have some fragmented memories.


Description: Shizue's boyfriend, he tried to force himself on her. When she refused him he abandoned her.


Description: The Manticore also known as The Man Eater is a duplicate of Echos created in a Towa lab. It escaped from the lab after killing and eating all of those who worked there. Traveling to the city the Manticore killed and assumed the form of Yurihara Minako. Prior to the Pillar of Light many students(only students?) were devoured by the Manticore. Saotome accidentally interupted one of these feedings. Saotome told it I love you thus saving himself from death. Thus starts the rather strange relationship between the two, both it seems felt a great deal of affection for the other. Saotome would provide meals for the Manticore, bringing girls back to it. The Manticore also produced(excreated?) Type-S. Saotome would sell Type-S to various disaffected students. I am not sure as to the purpose of this. During the Pillar of Light the Manticore loses its physical form. I will finish this bio later.

Masami, Saotome

School: Shinyo Academy, Junior
Description: I am still trying to figure out this character. He supposedly confessed his love for Nagi Kirima, who rebuffed him. He associated with the Manticore upon its arrival. The Manticore produced a drug, Type-S that Saotome would sell. He died on the roof of the Shinyo Academy when Echos ascended. The Manticore assumes his form following the pillar of light


Description: N/A

Miyashita, Mr. and Mrs.

Description: N/A

Miyashita, Toka

School: Shinyo Academy, Senior, Class C
Description: Toka is schizophrenic as far as I can tell. She was at the Prefectural Hospital during the time of the serial killings because, as she tells it she was possessed by a fox spirit. From what I can figure this means that she had another persona that surfaced at times. She does not appear at all aware of her actions as Boogiepop. On the flip side Toka without a doubt knows that she is at times Boogiepop.

Mo Murder

Work: Towa Agent
Description: Mo Murder is a composite human created by Towa. An assasin by trade his cover identity is Masanori Sasaki. He killed both Kirima Seiichi and Scare Crow.

Officer Morita

Work: Police
Description: He seems to have been a nice enough guy, unfortunately he was killed and his form assumed by Snake Eye.

Nishi, Arisa

School: Shinyo Academy, Sophmore
Description: Friend of Akane, also a pianist.

Oikawa, Mamoru

School: Shinyo Academy
Description: He is a tortured soul, growing up though he seems to have been a genuinely good person. He and his younger sister Sayoko have a deep emotional bond. This bond was cemented when the two of them got lost on a school field trip to the countryside. Mamoru comforted his frightened sister, giving her hope that the two of them would be found. Leaving her with a Pied Piper charm he left Sayoko for a time to look for help. After a long while he returned with a group of concerned parents and teachers. The rest of Mamoru's family is distant, neither his father nor his mother seem to have anything more than a passing interest in their children. Mr. Oikawa seems to care about nothing save for his work. Mr. Oikawa's firm was hired by the city to construct Paisley Park. Mamoru feels neglected by his father and wishes at least to be acknowledged. Mamoru begins to turn inward when his father fails to show up for his school's production of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. His despair takes a strange form, an obsession with the idea that the world is constructed from random junk. Mamoru wishes to disassemble the world and remove the useless parts. The Pillar of Light appears to give him the power to fulfill his desire to tear apart the world. In actuality the one who possesses all of the power is his sister, who can not use her power without his will. Snake Eye confronts the two of them and is killed. Shortly after, Manaka pulls the memory of the Pied Piper from Mamoru's mind and creates Poom-Poom. During their conflict with Snake-Eye Mamoru and Sayoko come to the realization that Sayoko is the one who posses the power. The two of them reaffirm their love just before being collected by Boogiepop Phantom.

Oikawa, Sayoko

School: Junior High School
Description: This is the concerned sister of Mamoru, see above entry for more details.

Oikawa, Tatsuaki

Work: Architect
Description: This nervous wreck was the designer of Paisley Park.

Oikawa, Kanae

Description: Tries to support husband, breaking down as well, ignores children.


Description: This entity never appears in the series though its influence is great.

Poom Poom

Description: This creature is evil though it knows it not. It is the embodyment of regret.


Description: Shizue's friend, exchanged diaries.

Sanada, Yasushi

School: Hijiridani High School
Description: This individual is not given much screen time, he is one of the evolved. Following the pillar of light the power that manifests itself is pyrokinesis. He is also one of Poom Poom's victims giving up a good portion of his soul in creating a phantom self. He commits suicide shortly thereafter.

Sato, Rie

School: Junior High School
Work: Waitress
Description: The object of Yoji's affection.


School: Hijirdani High School
Description: Anonymous character the viewer is only given his name. He is Yasuka's boyfriend

Sasaoka, Yoko

School: Shinyo Academy
Description: This girl habitually cheats on exams in school, she feels incredible guilt but does not stop. She is Jonouchi's first victim, until his disappearance he routinely removes from her any memory of having cheated. Later when Jonouchi disappears she becomes desperate for some kind of comfort. She asks her friend Misuzu for help. Unfortunately for Yoko, Misuzu introduces her to The Manticore, saying that he can offer her comfort. The Manticore instead devours her soul, leaving Yoko a vegetable.

Scare Crow

Description: Kuroda Shinpei's given name, he is a composite human after all.

Snake Eye

Work: Towa agent
Description: A composite human sent by the organization to eliminate the newly evolved. To make this easier it killed Detective Morita and assumed his form. It is killed by Mamoru Oikawa. Its name I believe originates from its apparant ability to hypnotize its victims.

Spooky Electric

Work: Towa agent
Description: What is up with these names. It is another composite human.

Suema, Kazuko

School: Shinyo Academy
Description: Suema did not know Nagi until after the Pillar of Light. She is constantly trying to figure out what is going on around her. She was hunted by serial killer.

Suganuma, Yoji

School: Hijiridani High School, Senior, Class 2
Description: The defining feature of Yoji's personality is his passive nature. He refuses to confront others for any reason. Much of the blame for Yoji's stunted mental growth probably rests with his father, who dominates Yoji's life with his wishes and desires. To deal with his father Yoji has resorted to a passive aggressive stance. Instead of approaching his father he ignores him all together. Mr. Suganuma wishes for his son to attend college. Yoji has no ambition in that direction. Instead he is interested in creating computer dating sims(I think). His parents have no knowledge of his interest. Yoji has a part time job after school, waiting and busing tables. He seems to be the sole employee. The restaurant owner starts to accept applications for a second employee, seemingly placing Yoji in charge of interviews and selection. One of the applicants is Sato Rie. She is too young to be employed but tries to disguise her age by saying that she attends Shinyo High School. Yoji easily sees through this deception, he however is totally taken with her. Rie is Yoji's image of perfection. She bears a striking resemblance to the girl in his game. He offers her a job. Walking home that night he is approached by Uehara Sunami, who offers him Type-S. Telling him that it will help his confidence. He accepts it. Working side by side with Rie Yoji becomes addicted to Type-S. Without its effects he is meek in her presence. When his source for Type-S Uehara Sunami is killed before him by the Manticore, Yoji ignores all considerations for his own safety and demands that Saotome supply his addiction. As his addiction worsens Yoji's interaction with Rie grow more and more strange. The dating sim that he has created at home has become woven into his day to day dealings with her. Yoji uses his knowledge of Rie's age to blackmail her into doing his bidding to some extent. Getting her to change her physical appearance and mannerisms to more closely match the girl in his sim at home. Finally Yoji's demands upon Rie become too great and she approaches the restaurant owner, he promises to fire Yoji. At just about this time the pillar of light occurs. The EMP pulse ruins Yoji's computer, he can no longer access the dating sim that he created. With the death of Saotome and the Manticore, Yoji no longer has a way to feed his addiction. A month after the Pillar of Light Yoji is a mental wreck, probably destined for an institution.

Mr. Suganuma

Description: Overbearing father of Yoji.

Suzuki, Yasuko

School: Hijiridani High School, Sophomore
Description: Yasuko seems to be a bit player in this series appearing in only one episode. She is the outgoing friend of Moto Tonomura. At one point her boyfriend was Saotome. Yasuko is the reason Moto never told Saotome how she felt about him. Her current boyfriend is Satoshi.

Tabata, Yoshiki

School: Hijiridani High School, Sophmore, Class 4 Description: Ignorance is bliss, at least for this fellow. You know the drill, he has no self confidence. This guy though is taken advantage of by his friends. He seems to be from a rather wealthy family. His parents seem terribly negligent, as they are never once seen(is there such a thing as family services in Japan? sheesh). There is a group of about four or five of his classmates who leach off poor Yoshiki. Sickeningly they feel that they are doing him a favor by merely associating with him. His situation in high school it seems is an improvement on the one he left in junior high, where he was regularly bullied and beaten. All was well in his life until after the Pillar of Light. Yoshiki is burdened with the ability to read the minds of those around him(what a horrible power). He soon discovers that almost all of his associates regard him as nothing more than a mark.


Description: Sent love letters to Oikawa Sayoko, but was rebuffed because she did not want to see him hurt by her brother.

Takai, Michie

Description: N/A

Takai, Rie

School: Hijiridani High School, Sophomore, Class 2
Description: This is one of those minor characters that were developed quite well in their few moments of screen time. Rie is a foil of sorts for Moto as she too has no sense of self worth, where Moto has obsessive compulsive tendencies Rie is just plain suicidal. She feels that no one cares, or pays her any mind. Following her night out with Moto and Misuzu Rie's self hatred peaks. At home she works up the nerve to open up her wrists with a utility blade. She is stopped though by a projection of herself created by Manaka as she is nearing death. I am not sure as to why Manaka chose to intercede.


Description: Takes advantage of Yoshiki


Description: This poor guy is Toka's boyfriend. He is well aware that Toka is also Boogiepop. He was present when Echos staggered into the city.


Description: N/A

Tonomura, Moto

School: Hijiridani High School, Sophomore, Class 2
Description: Moto is a seriously antisocial individual seeming to have only one friend, the outgoing Yasuko. She also exhibits obsessive compulsive tendencies, demonstrated by constant hand washing and refusal to touch anything handled by others. Moto's life is empty, the only person that she has ever had feelings for is a student by the name of Saotome who was the boyfriend of her friend Yasuko. She feels that she betrayed herself by not telling Saotome how she felt. She finds and approaches what she believes is Saotome. In fact the creature is a man-eater that has assumed Saotome's form. Depressed and beaten she is going to allow herself to be devoured when Boogiepop/Toka appears and dissipates (no better word for what happened, the doppelganger was not killed) the man-eater, leaving an emotionally destroyed Moto with the parting words Forget about Saotome, I killed him. She seems to have survived everything though and may be able to get on with her life.

Mr. Tonomura

Description: N/A

Toyama, Megumi

School: Junior High School
Description: Misuzu's mentor in Junior High. She was murdered by Fear Ghoul. Sometimes addressed as Panaru.

Uehara, Sunami

School: Hijiridani High School, Senior, Class 2
Description: Sunami is a Type-S addict, she deals the stuff for Saotome to support her habit. Prior to her addiction she was an introverted loner.


Work: Towa Organization
Description: Vision is a composite human in the employ of the Towa organization. Her age is unknown but physically resembles a 17-year-old girl. After hearing of Scarecrow's death, she realized that she loved him. Using herself as bait she tries to get revenge on Scarecrow's enemies. which seem to be both Nagi and Mo Murder. She tries to shoot Nagi, but shoots Mo Murder (instead? not sure).

Mr. Wakasa

Description: died in sept.

Wakasa, Sachiko

Work: Insurance saleswoman

Wakasa, Shizue

Description: N/A

Watanabe, Misaki

Description: N/A

Yabe, Tetsu

Description: Misuzu has crush on him, no other ref

Officer Yamamoto

Description: Friend and partner of Officer Morita.

Yoshizawa, Saki

School: Shinyo Academy, Junior, Class A
Description: Expectations are what killed this girl. As a child she was considered to be a skilled pianist, her parents where enthusiastic about her chances to be a professional musician. To pay for Saki's college education the family had sacrificed a great deal financial. Saki knows that she is not as proficient as her parents believe. She visits a college music instructor for lessons and an evaluation, the instructor informs her that she will not improve any further. The disheartened Saki does not reveal this to her parents. When she finds out about Poom Poom's existence she approaches it. Poom Poom separates the portion of herself that she values most, her youthful love of music. Using this it creates a phantom Saki. The original Saki bereft of what she values most commits suicide.

Yurihara, Minako

School: Shinyo Academy
Description: There is almost no information regarding Minako. I can only assume that she was killed and that her form has taken by the Manticore after its escape. Boogiepop Phantom also uses her appearance.