Eventually this will list every scene's backdrop.
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Description: N/A

City, The

Description: The name of this burg is never given. It has no real character. During a moment of prosperity there were several plans for its expansion. These included Paisley Park and a massive underground city expansion. Both projects came to naught but left an interesting backdrop for several scenes.

Elementary School

Description: Just what it sounds like, no information given.

Hijiridani High School

Description: A good portion of the characters attend this school.

Jonouchi Home

Description: I included all of the the various residences just for the sake of consistency.

Junior High School

Description: N/A

Karaoke Room, Private

Description: No clue as to what the proper name is for one of these.

Kisaragi Residence

Description: This is where Manaka was raised, until she was 5 years of age she never left its confines. Later on in the series it completely covered by plant growth due to Manaka's transformation.

Kitaguchi Park

Description: This park is where one of the serial murders occurred. That of the Junior High School student Toyama Megumi. Due to this it has special meaning for Arifuji Misuzu.

Miyashita House

Description: I included all of the the various residences just for the sake of consistency.


Description: N/A

Oikawa Residence

Description: This is the home of the designer of Paisley Park. In the common room a scale model of the park is prominently displayed.

Old City Redevelopment Area

Description: Just what it sounds like. This is an urban reclamation project.

Paisley Park

Description: This is an incomplete amusement park that was designed by Oikawa Tatsuaki. It was tied to the Geo City project. When the economy faltered and the city expansions halted both projects were left to rot. When it failed Mr. Oikawa, who had sacrificed a great deal for the project suffered a mental breakdown. Later after the pillar of light Manaka and Poom Poom take up residence there with all of the various children's phantoms that they had freed.

Police Station

Description: N/A

Prefectural Hospital

Description: This is the center of many strange of occurrences throughout the course of the show. Many of the characters have had to go for various reasons. It is also Dr. Kisugi's workplace.

Prefectural Hospital Internal Medicine

Description: N/A

Prefectural Hospital Psychiatric Ward

Description: N/A

Shinyo Academy

Description: Many of the characters attend school here. If anyone could tell me the difference between a High School and an Academy I would be grateful.

Suganuma House

Description: N/A

Tonomura House

Description: N/A

Wakasa Residence

Description: N/A

Yoshizawa Residence



Description: N/A