If something deserves an explaination or description it goes here.


Description: A good definition is here .

Boogiepop's weapon

Description: This weapon looks very much like a plumb-bob. I have heard it called a wrist dart.

Boogiepop's cloak and cap

Description: Boogiepop's fancy duds were taken from Scare Crow's dying form by a traumatized Toka. I believe the leather accents are Boogiepop's own stylish addition(I have this odd mental image of Boogiepop in front of the mirror before it goes out into the night).

Brain Holography

Description: This is taken from various researcher's attempts to to find a viable model to describe mental functions. A good explanation can be found here . The creators of Boogiepop have turned a metaphor to help make mental functions more understandable on its head. Turning it into a theory to describe them.


Description: These are memories given physical form. Manaka uses them to communicate people's memories to others.


Description: There is only one instance of this creature, I am not sure of its purpose. It may just be exist to show how far Jonouchi's addiction had progressed.

Composite Humans

Description: These are creatures created by the Towa organization.

Drug, The

Description: No name is given for this concoction. It is one of the major components in the creation of composite humans. Dr. Kisugi administeres it to a variety of children with varying results.

Electromagnetic Weapons

Description: These are what Nagi attempts to use to destroy the illusion surrounding the city. EMP bombs that use explosives are actually quite viable see here . Nagi's bombs are a bit on the small size though. When Boogiepop uses them in Tokyo there would have been hell to pay.


Description: I listed this because of the Manticore's repeated use of electonics to hide and escape.

Family in Japan, the

Description: This topic is way too complicated for little old me. The problem being, people in Japan have different cultural hang-ups than us here in the United States. They have social problems just like us but theirs are slightly different. Here are some links that might at least give a starting point.
link; link
It's an interesting subject, I'll find more info and put it here.

Flowers, Meaning of

Description: Flowers are burdened with meaning(what a pain). On two or three occasions their meaning comes into play.

Fox Spirit

Description: A good definition is here . Toka has been told by her parents that a fox spirit had possesed her as a child.

High School in Japan

Description: Just as a note, grades 7-12 are set up along the old U.S. model. 3 years of Junior High followed by 3 years of High School. When students are identified as sophomores they are in fact in their first year of high school.

Kirima Seiichi's books

Description: Kirima Seiichi was a weird bugger, it is almost without a doubt that the info that he published got him killed by the Towa organization.

Kisaragi Mayumi's Notebook

Description: Mayumi suffered some sort of brain damage due to complications when she gave birth to Manaka. That damage prevents her from remember anything for more than a few minutes. The notebook that she always carries is an attempt to solve this problem. Anything that she wishes to remember is written within its pages. Interestingly in a few scenes the viewer can actually read the contents of the notebook, dates and events are listed.

My Fair Lady

Description: My Fair Lady is a musical. Originally it was a play by George Bernard Shaw named Pygmalion. For more info go here . Suganuma Yoji uses it to describe the relationship between Saotome and Sunami, twisted huh?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Description: This is Tonomura Moto to the T. A good definition is here .

Oikawa Sayoko's Charm

Description: This is a crude hand carved figure. It was meant to resemble the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Oikawa Mamoru carved it for his sister Sayoko when the two of them where lost together. Sayoko keeps it on her person at all times.

Pied Piper of Hamelin

Description: You know the story, but for a bit of fun the original text is here . This is the mold from which Poom-Poom was originally cast. Oikawa Mamoru played the part of the Pied Piper in a school production.

Pillar of light

Description: This event is the result of Echos' transformation.


Description: Quite a number of people in Boogiepop have these. They are certain aspects of an individual given substance. The majority of the phantoms were created when a number of high schoolers had a portion of their spirit/soul removed by Poom Poom. The aspect that Poom Poom removed is that which the students regretted losing during their growth into adulthood. There are other phantoms as well such as Ichiro Kishida who is the phantom of Kuroda. Poom Poom is one as well as it was removed from Oikawa Mamoru's memories by Manaka.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Description: Shizue suffers from this. Most often associated with combat vets.

Red Balloon

Description: These are what Poom Poom offers to various disillusioned students of Shinyo Academy and Hijiridani High School. Only those who are dissatisfied with their life can see them. When a person claims a balloon their most precious aspirations are separated from them and given form. It is a devil's bargain however as the individual loses that which is most precious to them. Having accepted a balloon many feel that they have nothing left to live for, and commit suicide.

Serial Killer

Description: Without a doubt the the string of gruesome murders that occurred five years before the Pillar of Light were the work of Fear Ghoul.


Description: Some sort of aroma therepy.


Description: Another name for the drug produced by the Manticore. See Type-S.


Description: Jonouchi can see these, they are the manifestations of peoples memories. Specifically they represent those memories associated with regret, guilt, and remorse.


Description: Toka purchases one of these strange musical instruments while in Tokyo. Boogiepop later places it at the entrance to one of the Geo City tunnels. This is the only means of communication given to the children that Boogiepop Phantom sequestered in the tunnels.

Toka's bag

Description: Toka seems to carry a large duffle at all times, it contains Boogiepop's costume and weapon.

Towa Organization, The

Description: Its stated purpose is to maintain the status quo. One of the ways in which it attempts to keep the world static is by killing all those who have changed or evolved.


Description: A very addictive drug that alters ones reality (yeah I know, what the hell would be the point if it didn't). It seems to grant its user increased confidence by distorting its user's world view. The S in the name stands for slave. It is produced by the Manticore.